Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning! Here are a few of our top spring cleaning tips:

1. Get rid of old paperwork, notes and textbooks
No one needs clutter from last semester. Go through your space and remove all the unnecessary documents from last semester. Also, check with your local campus bookstore to see if they have a book buyback program or sell them online!

2. Go through your kitchen
There are enough dates to worry about in college and usually expiration dates are not high on the priority list. Go through your cupboards and fridge and throw away all expired food! Trust us, it’s worth the time.

3. Clean out your closest
Are some of your clothes looking a little worn out or maybe getting a little too snug? Now is the perfect time to get rid of unused items and free up more closet space. Try selling your clothes at a local consignment shop like Plato’s Closet for a little extra money in your pocket!

4. Do some light cleaning in your apartment
Turn on some tunes, bust out the broom and get to work! A little dusting, vacuuming and rearranging can make a huge difference in your space! If you’re really looking to brighten up your space, a couple of new throw pillows or a bright flower arrangement will do the trick!